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Warranty Conditions

Your bike comes with a 2 Years and Unlimited Mileage warranty

First Servicing 500km | Second Servicing 1500 km | Third Servicing 3500 km Thereafter every 2000km 
Break In Period - 1500km (Max 60km/hr) (Not application to electric bikes) 

In order to take advantage of the VOGE limited warranty, you must have maintenance performed according to the schedule (ON TIME, WITHIN 100KM), by VOGE Mauritius, (failure to do so will void your warranty).

Failure to service/maintain motorcycle according to manufacturer’s recommendations will VOID warranty. 

This warranty will not apply to


  • Any part that has been subject to misuse, negligence, accidental damage, improper or inadequate maintenance, or improper storage.

  • Repair rendered necessary or arising from the use of other than genuineVOGE/LONCIN  parts.

  • Normal maintenance items including but not limited to adjustment and cleaning of carburettor, fuel strainer, oil & air filter, cables, brake components, intake valves, exhaust valves, clutches and serviceable bearings.

  • Normal replacements of service items including but not limited to spark plugs, air & oil filters, cutting blades, tyres, brake pads, brake shoes, light bulbs, fuses,Battery, clutch components and serviceable bearings.

  • Deterioration of any item due to normal use, fair wear and exposure unless due to a defect in material or workmanship.

  • Any work or adjustment performed by persons other than authorised VOGE franchise/dealers or damage resulting therefrom.

  • Any damage that results from operating methods other than those indicated by VOGE, or use beyond the limitations or specifications as published by VOGE.

  • VOGE engines or vehicles used for racing or competition.

  • VOGE products modified from original VOGE specifications or fitted with a sports kit will void warranty. (Modifications include but are not limited to, sprocket size, gear ratios, electrical loads, carburetion, and intake and exhaust system changes.)

  • Vehicle involved in any accident.

ELECTRIC Bike. warranty covers whole bike, including battery (1 Year)
Motor warranty 2 years unlimited mileage.
Excluded from any warranty: Charger, Brake pads/shoe, Tyres. Damage from accidental damage/negligence

Appointment for servicing is required and can be made via our website or by calling the showroom on 214 1234

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