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The Premium Scooter 

The SR150GT embodies the perfect combination of elegance, sporty performance, and top-level functionality. With it's 15HP of power, get you hand on the most powerful scooter in the category. Equipped with latest technology such as Stop-Start, Dual Channel ABS, Fuel Injection, and Traction Control. Convenience and efficiency is that the heart of this machine, with keyless entry and mutiple large storage space. 


Revolutionary New Engine

The 150cc liquid-cooled engine develops 15HP of power and 14Nm of Torque, a remarkable performance for the category.  Fueling is handled by a fine-tuned BOSCH Fuel injection system ensuring stability and very low fuel consumption.


Smart Motor Generator System

A revolutionary new starting system where the traditional starting motor is eliminated. The new system uses the generator that is already present on all engines to act a as starting motor thereby saving weight and eliminating wear and tear associated with traditional starting motors.  This also introduces a seamless start where the starting process is very smooth compared to traditional engines. 

magneto start.JPG

Automatic Stop & Start System

The quest for efficiency is further accentuated with the Stop & Start system. Till now only found in cars, VOGE brings the tech to scooters. When the vehicle is idling, the Automatic Stop & Start System automatically stops the engine thereby saving fuel. The rider can easily restart the engine by simply twisting the throttle. Also, the ECU monitors running conditions and prevents unnecessary frequent engine starts and stops in conditions such as congested traffic.

Auto stop& start.JPG

BOSCH Dual Channel ABS & Traction Control

While most scooters with ABS on the market features Single channel ABS, the SR150GT introduces BOSCH Dual Channel ABS, an advanced safety feature that prevents the wheels from locking up during hard braking, helping the rider to maintain control of their machine. The Traction Control System (TCS), a feature usually found on bigger and more expensive bikes found its way here.  This is a dedicated electronic system that has the remarkable ability to reduce the chances of wheelspin (slippage due to loss of traction)  

traction control.JPG

Keyless Start System

The keyless start system of the vehicle ignition system that allows a driver to start their vehicle without using a traditional key. Instead, the system uses a small electronic fob or remote that communicates with the scooter's computer system to start the engine. When the driver approaches the scooter, the system detects the fob and unlocks the doors automatically. To start the engine, the driver simply pushes a button on the steering bar. This system provides convenience and added security as the vehicle can only be started with the fob in close proximity.


LED Light with AHO 

Modern scooter also means latest LED Technology all around. 
Featuring daylight running lamp with Automatic Headlamp On (AHO), for maximum visibility on the road. 


Large LCD Meter

All important information are displayed concisely on the large LCD Display. 


Technical Specifications

  • 149cc Liquid Cooling Technology 

  • Continuously Variable Transmission 

  • Power: 15HP

  • Torque: 14 N.m 

  • Front/Rear Brake Disc with BOSCH ABS Dual Channel

  • 8 L Fuel Tank

  • Seat height 775 mm

  • Ground clearance 140 mm

  • Dry weight 135kg 

  • Front tyre size 110/70 – 14

  • Rear tyre size 130/70 – 13

Financing Options

Credit by CIM Finance / Rogers Capital

Cash Price Rs 110,000 
Road Charges Rs 7,525
On Road Rs 117,525 (Excluding Insurance) 

*Indicative Comprehensive Insurance Rs
On road Including Insurance* Rs 
*Insurance Premium varies as per rider profile, A quote will confirm the insurance amount. 

Financing Options
Showroom Price Rs 119,565
Including Credit facilities fee 
Deposit Including Road Charges & Exclud Insurance
Deposit Rs 19,525
Monthly Rs  4,166 x 30

Option 2
Rs 14,000
Monthly Rs  4,744x 30

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